• Do you find you are down to the last two or three for a job but always just missing out?

  • Do you think you were getting more jobs in the past but have lost your confidence?

  • Do you wish you had someone to bounce off with your work, your auditions, your decisions as an actor?

What about a second opinion? What about a re-jig of your usual shtick? Maybe it's not working for you anymore. Maybe you need fresh eyes. Maybe you just need someone to help you learn your lines, give you an objective eye, hone the audition and get the gig.

Helen Dallimore offers 20 years of training and experience as a teacher, director, singer and actor in film, television, theatre and musical theatre. With a wealth of knowledge, empathy and life experience in the industry, she offers private coaching for screen tests, theatre, musical theatre auditions and drama school entrants.

You can never be too prepared. Invest in your career and Get the Gig.

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"Helen Dallimore has the ability to speak the actors language. As a successful and respected performer herself, she is fully aware of the benchmarks set in this competitive and often disheartening industry. "

Helen recently received the HELPMANN AWARD for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for her role in LEGALLY BLONDE